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Sagittarius is the 9th Sign of the Zodiac. Truth seekers, adventurers, lovers of travel (and their own selves), Sagittarius individuals are fun loving and a good company. Many of them are philosophic in bent, and their spirit of inquiry is practically relentless and endless. Restless, curious and always ready to explore, sometimes they may end up being too upfront and garrulous. Given their quest for truth and ultimate wisdom, most Sagittarius do not take things at their face value. They take their own sweet time to form their opinions, and would not hesitate in asking embarrassing questions. Candid as they are, in their attempt to know and see, they may end up asking/ saying unexpected things. Archers also exhibit a certain duality. Although, such keen investigators themselves, willing to go an extra mile to find, read, communicate, they themselves may resent the complex education system and formal training. They can be, fanatics yet atheists, and tactless yet serious! Subjects like philosophy, education, religion, mysticism, occult, medicine engross and attract Archers. No wonder, many Sagittarius-born make good inventors or discovers. Self confident, sometimes to the degree of being arrogant, high spirited, they also make good advisers, teachers and social bees. Many Archers also opt to work in the fields related to media and arts, as these areas allow the free birds to work in their ways. Sagittarius adore their freedom, and restrictions of any sort may irritate and frustrate them. And thus, in relationships, they require (and even demand) their own space. In love, they are cheerful and giving. In fact, the Sagittarius are their happiest in a new relationship. However, as the relationship progresses, the restless Archers may start resenting the sense of confinement and responsibility. Yet, they know and appreciate the importance of such bonds, and shall rarely attempt to break it.

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The sword in 'The Sword in the Stone,' appeared to be very much 'set in stone.' It took a special individual to remove it. How might you feel if you found it possible to make progress with a matter you believe to be immovable or inflexible? A lesser person would probably shrug their shoulders and walk away from something requiring so much effort. However, you're that special person who can make a difference. Step forward confidently and believe the power to do so is yours. What have you created as a couple is a separate entity. Find out wh

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This week, it's important that you adopt a very open mind. Try to give all your ideas fair consideration. Don't be quick to dismiss some as irrelevant or insignificant in favor of others. Those that you feel passionate about will be easy to identify. However, it could be those that wave subtly in the background that deserve just as much, if not more, attention. What your mind conjures this week can form the basis of genuine, solid reasons for you to feel optimistic and enthusiastic. Opening it to all the possibilities on offer will, undoubtedly, ensure that you feel inspired and motivated in many necessary and potentially delightful ways.

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This month, you're likely to be aware of how momentum picks up in ways that you might have struggled to achieve since April. You could have found that giving a 110% effort resulted in very few, if any, impressive results. That's about to change from August 11. The pace won't pick up overnight, but you will certainly be aware of an increase in opportunities that come your way and how much easier it is to seize and run with them. Your lost mojo is not only about to be found; it's about to be revived and restored wonderfully!