Gemology Description

Gemology, the study and science of gems, can be as much an anthropological study as it is a mineralogical one. Gemstones, because of their remarkable beauty, durability and rarity, have been granted a significance that helps us understand the history of mankind. The human race, from its infancy to present day, has sought to protect itself behind walls of mysticism and superstition reinforced with gem talismans that could be easily carried and hidden. Ancient lore and legends associated with gems have, for the most part, been replaced with "rational" references of romance and poetic beauty, but precious stones remain the greatest universal talismans of wealth and power!

What is Gemology?

The word gemology is derived from the Latin word "gemma" meaning gem, and the Greek "logos", meaning discourage. Obviously, considering the derivation of the word, gemology could be spelled with one or two m's. In this country it is spelled with one m; in Britain with two. Gemology is a distinct science. In a sense, it is a branch of mineralogy, but since mineralogy is concerned with many other subjects and does not consider many of the matters taken up in gemology, gemology must be considered a distinct science. It is not only concerned with the study of gem materials and the correct terminology of these materials, but also with gemological testing methods, cutting and polishing, synthetically manufactured gems, precious metals and their alloys, and apprising procedures. Moreover, it deals with substances such as pearls, which are not considered in mineralogy. Those who approach the study of gemology lightly are surprised at its breadth. As in any other science, no man ever becomes its complete master.

Different Stone Images

Blue Shapphire Image Blue Shapphire

Agate Image Agate

Amethyst Image Amethyst

Bloodstone Image Bloodstone

Blue Topaz Image Blue Topaz

Emerald Image Emerald

Garnet Image Garnet

Lapis Lazuli Image Lapis Lazuili

Onyx Image Onyx

Ruby Image Ruby

Turquoise Image Turquoise

Moonstone Image Pearl / Moonstone

Diamond Image


Peridot Image Peridot

Aquamarine Image Aquamarine

Alexandrite Image Alexandrite

Citrine Image Citrine

Opal Image Opal

Sardonyx Image Sardonyx

Tanzanite Image Tanzanite

Tourmaline Image Tourmaline

Zircone Image Zircone